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Write questions for these answers with the words in brackets.


un ejemplo : I have Spanish classes twice a week. (How often)

How often do you have Spanish classes ?


1. Tania lives in London. (Where)

2. Tom and Jimhave lunch at 12.30. (What time)

3. I usually get up at 7 a.m. (When)

4. I sit next to Sarah in class. (Who)

5. I read comics. (What)

6. I practise dancing three times a week. (How often)


Respuesta dada por: miguel11

1. Where does Tania live?

2. What time do Tom and Jim have lunch?

3. When do you usually get up?

4. Next to who do you sit in class?

5. What do you read?

6. How often do you practise dancing?

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