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Add the modifying adverbs in brackets to the sentences.

1. I'm creative. I'm ambitious. (pretty / not very)

2. My best friend is confident but impatient. (rather / a bit)

3. My brother is polite and intolerant. (pretty / slightly)

4. He's nice person, but he's irresponsible. (very / a bit)

5. She's an honest person. She's sensitive. (quite / not very)


Respuesta dada por: manolito

1. I'm pretty creative. I'm not very ambiotious.

2. My best friend is rather confident but a bit impatient.

3. My brother is pretty polite and slightly intolerant

4. He's very nice person, but he's a bit irresponsible.

5. She's quite an honest person. She's not very sensitive.

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