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10 preguntas con do y otras 10 con does

ejemplo: do manuel and sara speak english

does she eat pasta



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Las preguntas con do representan los pronombres I, you, they y we; mientras que, does es utilizado con he, she, it.

Algunas preguntas con do, serían:

1.    Do you like my dog?

2.    Do I need the dictionary?

3.    Do they want to come?

4.    Do you dance in the party?

5.    Do they sing in the karaoke?

6.    Do you eat in this restaurant?

7.    Do you like music?

8.    Do they play football?

9.    Do they speak English?

10. Do we have time?


Algunas preguntas con does, serían:

1.    Does she like fish?

2.    Does he play football?

3.    Does she like chocolate?

4.    Does she read my book?

5.    Does he study for the exam?

6.    Does she go to the beach?

7.    Does it rain a lot in your city?

8.    Does it have four legs?

9.    Does he wear a sweater?

10. Does the cat sit on the chair?

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10 preguntas con do y otras 10 con does


  • Do con los pronombres personales: I, you, we y they
  • Does con los pronombres personales: She, he, it


Preguntas con does

  1. Does she like chocolate?
  2. Does he eat Chinese food?
  3. Does she study very hard?
  4. Does he live in Venezuela?
  5. Does he like Spain?
  6. Does he know to speak in french?
  7. Does he play the piano?
  8. How does it work?
  9. Does your sister have a pink T-shirt?
  10. Does Maria like pizza?


Preguntas con do

  1. Do you like her?
  2. Do we have any money?
  3. Do they know the address?
  4. Do you work at home?
  5. Do I have to be at work at 8 am?
  6. Do you know her?
  7. Do you think about me?
  8. Do they come here often?
  9. Do they swim?
  10. Do you believe in ghosts?

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