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una postal solamente con presente continuo por fa


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Dear Elisa, We are having a really great time here! The flight from Madrid to London was fantastic and we didn’t have any turbulence: we arrived last Wednesday evening and we’re staying in Alicia’s house which is near the college where she works. Today we are visiting London, but yesterday we stayed in Oxford and two days ago we stayed in Marlborough. At the moment, we are sitting in a café next to Trafalgar Square (opposite the National Gallery) and I’m writing some postcards to my friends. Marlborough is a little town not far away from London. There is a beautiful old college where my friend Alicia works. The people are very tall and nice and they drink a lot of beer; Oxford is really beautiful and the people often go by bike to anywhere (there are thousands of bikes). Also, there are a lot of colleges and universities and, of course, is full of students; London is very big and fantastic but the underground is very expensive and sometimes a bit spooky. We visited many areas of London, but my favourite place is Camden town: there are hundreds of markets in the street and you can buy anything: I bought two T-shirts for you. In the evening we usually go to typical restaurants and we have dinner there (people here have dinner very early) after that we go for a walk and then we go to a pub or a disco and we have a drink. See you next September! Best wishes,
PS Belinda is learning a lot of English!!

Anónimo: disculpa, esta solo en presente continuo o no ??
soriagerard: si, solo esta en presente continuo, creo que si
Anónimo: pero mira, que lo traduci y hay cosas que estan en pasado
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February 21th, 2019

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Dear friend,

  • Tercero, el cuerpo de la carta:

I'm very happy getting your letters. First of all, you're letting me tell you the news. I'm going to Florida next summer where I expect to spend two weeks. Ira is coming with me. She is exciting to see you again and to mett your husband. I think she is going to enjoy the trip and the city that we're shopping with you.

  • Cuarto, la despedida:

Well, I'm closing now. I'm recieving all your letters, let me know what you think.

  • Cinco, Firma:

Love, Robert.

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