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necesito 5 preguntas con how often y how long con sus respuestas


Respuesta dada por: josezhuchen
-How long will it take 7 men to do the job? 7 men will take 3 hours to do the job.
-How long would it take 6 people to build the wall? 6 people would take 10 days to build the wall.
-How long does it take 5 taps to fill the swimming pool? 5 taps fill the swimming pool in 12 hours.
-How long will it take when the car travels at the speed of 80 km/h? when the car travels at the speed of 80km/h it will take 2 hours.
-How long would it take to travel 45 km? it would take 60 min.

-How often do you play football? I always play football
-How often do you go to visit your friends? I hardly ever go to visits my friends
-How often does he go to the beach? He sometimes go to the beach
-How often do they watch film? They usually watch film
-How often does she go to the swimming pool? She never go to the swimming pool

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