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dialogo de 4 persona y cada una con 7 oraciones en igles

emilygiselle: solo te puedo ayudar en una


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Andy- Dany, have you heard that Gaby is going to buy a new car? 
Dany- Oh, really? Maybe you would like to buy mine. It's quiet good still. 
Vicky- Come on, Dany. Your car is a wreck. Don't be silly to think someone will buy it. 
Gaby- That's fine, Vicky. Anyway, Dany, I want to buy a new car, not an used one. 
Vicky- I think it's the best idea. Used things break quickly. 
Gaby- Exactly. I bought once a used bike and it did break. 
Andy- By the way, Dany, can you help me to tune up my car? 
Dany- Sure, man. Why not. Have you thought of something already? 
Andy- Well, not. But maybe we could talk about some details. 
Vicky- This is so boring to hear men talking about cars. 
Dany- It's this same boring to hear you talking about girls stuff. 
Gaby- Ok, don't quarrel. Do you have any plans for tonight? 
Andy- As far as I am concerned... 
Gaby- I mean everyone, are you doing something tonight, guys? 
Dany- I haven't planned anything. 
Vicky- Neither I. 
Andy- Let's go somewhere together. 
Dany- I like the idea. And you Vicky? 
Vicky- Yes, me too. But where would we go? 
Gaby- To a club maybe? 
Dany- Yes, let's go to a club. 
Andy- We'll drink something and dance. Good plan. 
Vicky- I agree with you Andy. I haven't danced for ages. 
Gaby- So let's meet here at seven o'clock. See you. 

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