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ayuda! 5 parrafos distintos en ingles que hablen sobre como se llaman de que trabajan que les gusta comer, lo que sea. que sean de 6 lineas cada uno !!! pliss


Respuesta dada por: Pekee

My name is Adian. I like to eat Icicles with sauce, I do not like the noodles. My favorite color is the black. I go to the primary school and am 10 years old. My hobbie is the football, I am the number 8. I play with my friends of the school to the exit of gimnacia.

I do not like to do the task because I like more the music. I am in love with a girl of the college but it is major that I. My favorite singer is Axl Rose. I do not like the cumbia, the quartet nor the regguetón.


My name is Antonella. I am 12 years old, go to the first year. My best friend is called Marcela and meetings we play the volley. I am charmed with doing the duties.

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