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Un cuento en ingles con los siguientes tiempos verbales: past simple, past prog, past perfect, present simple, present prog, present perfect y futuro(will-going to) en donde esten los siguientes verbos: be, quit, put, understand, meet, go, eat, fly, do, become por favooor


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Este es un cuento en ingles con los siguientes tiempos verables: past simple, progressive past, present perfect y futuro (will - going to):

There was once a very pretty girl. Her mother had made her a red coat and the girl often wore it as everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day, her mother asked her to bring some cakes to her grandmother who lived across the forest, not recommending her to play around because crossing the forest was very dangerous, as there was always a lurking wolf.

Red Riding Hood picked up the basket with pastry and set off. The girl had to go through the forest to get to Grandma's house, but she was not afraid because she was always there with many friends the birds and squirrels.

Suddenly She saw the wolf , which was huge in front of her:

- Where are you going, girl - you asked him the wolf in his hoarse voice.
- To my Granny’s house, Hood said.
- It is not far - wolf he thought to himself , turning away .

 Hood put her basket on the grass and started picking up:

 - The wolf is gone , she thought , I have nothing to fear. Grandma will be very happy when I bring a beautiful bouquet of flowers in addition to the cakes.

Meanwhile, the wolf went to Granny’s house , knocked softly on the door and the old lady opened thinking it was Little Red Riding Hood . A hunter passing by had seen the arrival of the wolf.

 The wolf devoured Granny and the unfortunate pink hat , got into bed and closed his eyes:

I do not have to wait long, as Little Red Riding Hood arrived quickly, all excited.The girl went to bed and saw that his grandmother was very changed:

- Grandma, Grandma ,what big eyes you have !
- Better to see you , 'said the wolf trying to imitate the voice of Grandmother .
- Grandma, Grandma ,what big ears you have !
- It's better to hear you saying - she followed the wolf.
- Grandma, Grandma ,what big teeth you have!

- Son to ...eat you better - and saying, the evil wolf pounced on and devoured the little girl , as he had done with granny .

    Meanwhile, the hunter had been worried and thinking evil thoughts guess Wolf decided to take a look to see if all was well in the house of Granny. Sought help from a reaper and together they came to the place. They saw the front door open and the wolf lying on the bed, asleep I was so sick.

    The hunter pulled out his knife and slit the belly of the wolf. Granny and Red Riding Hood were there, alive!

    To punish the bad wolf , the hunter filled his belly with stones and then closed it again . When the wolf awoke from his deep sleep, he felt very thirsty and went to a nearby pond to drink. As the stones were heavy, fell headlong into the pond and drowned.

    As Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother suffered no more than a scare, but Red Riding Hood had learned the lesson. She promised her Granny not speak to any stranger who was found on the road. From now on, follow the judicious advice of her grandmother and her mom.


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