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Me puedes dar 30 oraciones de presente simple con adverbios de frecuencia.
- Interrogative
- Negative
- affirmative.


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 - I always play soccer in my academy.
 - He often play with us.
 - Tom usually goes to the cinema
 - She always go to her "Spanish Academy"
 - I always take a shower.
 - He often listens to the radio
 - He usually study Spanish
 - She always goes to sleep.
 - Eleazar often takes a shower
 - Marianne always goes to the beach
 - You never take a shower
 - They sometimes goes to sleep
 - She never goes to the cinema
 - He never goes for a walk
 - I sometimes watch TV
 - She never does her homework
 - She rarely listens to music
 - He seldom play videogames.
 - I never play handball 
 - They rarely goes to work
 - Does Kimberly usually have breakfast at home?
 - Do you always read a book?
 - Do they usually go to the cinema?
 - Does Tom always take a shower?
 - Does Karina often watch Tv?
 - Do you never get up early?
 - Does she usually go o play soccer.
 - Does he always play volleyball?
 - Do you never take a shower?
 - Does she always listen to music?

Jamin: Muchas gracias Pain
Respuesta dada por: OValent

30 oraciones de presente simple con adverbios de frecuencia.

El presente simple es utilizado principalmente para expresar acciones repetitivas, por lo que el uso de adverbios de frecuencia es muy usual en el idioma.

Oraciones afirmativas:

1. I usually go to the gym in the mornings.

2. We play football on Mondays.

3. It snows in Russia frequently.

4. I rarely eat olives.  

5.  I wash the dishes every day.

6.  They watch TV very often.

7. Seldom, my mother cooks cookies.

8.  I never forget a face.

9.  He rarely makes a mistake.

10.  I occasionally eat meat.

Oraciones interrogativas:

1. Do you see George usually?

2. Does he play tennis normally?

3. Do you always speak in English?

4. Do you sometimes play football?

5. Does she eat pizza seldom?

6. Do they hardly go to the cinema?

7.  Do you always walk along the road?

8. Do they generally write essays?

9. Do they generally talk about medicine?

10. Does your father spend time with your brothers so often?

Oraciones negativas:

1. You usually don’t go to the gym .

2. She does not read books so often.

3. I do not play football normally.

4. Occassionally, they do not visit their family.

5. Your friend does not talk to me frequently.

6. I do not like pizza so often.

7. I never want to swim.

8. Normally, you do not watch TV!

9.  She never listens to classis music.

10. I rarely see my cousin.

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