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40 oraciones en presente y 20 oraciones con doesn't 
Otras 20 oraciones con won't


Respuesta dada por: nanuggets
aqui algunas.
he doesnt want that cake
they wont sing the song
she doesnt like green
he doesnt like her
i doesnt want to see that movie
we wont go out
we doesnt like rain
Respuesta dada por: CalebOsorio
Hola, que tal. Mira aquí están:
I love watching movies.
I listen to music on the weekends. 
I sing with my sister 
I like to study languages
I am from Britain. 
I need to buy food for my cat.
I drive a yellow car.
She likes to play with her cat. 
I drink coke. 
He loves his records 
They are playing in the park. 
We live next door. 
My mother's name is Sarah.
You sing very well.
I enjoy reading the newspaper. 
I practice yoga everyday 
I need to practice typing the computer more often.
Sarah loves to cook 
Henry drives his car to his work 
My computer is white
John plays the guitar very good. 
Marion is an actress. 
I like to dress well. 
My favourite musician is Madonna. 
I like to watch football 
I watch tv every day
I travel to London every week
My mother cleans the house. 
John walks to his office
We live in Paris. 
They run in the park every Saturdays. 
Mary works in a bank. 
I always visit my grandmother. 
Alice goes to the church. 
My cousin paints the house. 
I live in Mexico
She plays soccer on fridays
He has a nice computer
I work on Saturdays
Hugo loves his Job

Estas son las oraciones con DOESN`T:
-She doesn't like to play with her cat.
-He doesn't love his records.
-Sarah doesn't love to cook. 
-Henry doesn't drive his car to his work.
-John doesn't play the guitar very good.
-Tom doesn't like cooking very much. 
-Deborah doesn't play cards on Mondays
-The Thames doesn't flow through London. 
-Helen doesn't work as a shop assistant. 
-Susan doesn't take a shower everyday. 
-He doesn`t have a nice computer
-My dad doesn`t work near here
-Peter doesn`t wash his car every week
-Hugo doesn`t love his job
-He doesn’t sing opera.
She doesn’t like that kind of food.
It doesn’t fit.
He doesn’t act well.
It doesn’t work. 
He doesn't play

Estas son las oraciones con WON`T:
I wont be able to go with you to the mall 
- She wont answer you beacause she is angry
I won't be a successful person 
I won't get good grades
- I won't take a shower
- I won't eat those food
- I won't read the newspaper again 
- You won't come to visit me this month 
- She won't let you in to her house 
- We won't need you anymore 
- They won't eat at the restaurant tonight
- I won´t buy some sugar right now. 
- I won´t help you with your homework because you are smart. 
- I won´t be able to study English. 
- I won´t give you ten dollars. 
- I won´t pay you because you lost your bet.
- Henry won't write with this pencil 
- she won' look at her 
- mary won't buy a present for John 
- Jane won't eat roast- beef today

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