• Asignatura: Inglés
  • Autor: pumba
  • hace 9 años

Rellenar los huecos utilizando el tiempo Present Simple o Present Continuous.


A) Mark..(play) the guitar.

B) Lucy and Brian .. (spend) their sommer holidays in Rome now.

C) .. (they/Watch) TV now?

D) John (go) to the gym every afternoon.

E) We ..(often/not/go) for a picnic in spring.

F) What . (she/wear) at the moment?

G) He always . (invite) lots of friends to his birthday party

H) She usually . (eat) at an Italian restaurant on Saturdays.



Respuesta dada por: soloyo

A plays

B are spending

C Are they watching

D goes

E don´t go often

F is she wearing

G intivites

H eats


Respuesta dada por: ajotapepa

a) plays

b) spend

c) are they watching

d) goes

e) don't go often

f) is she wearing

g) invites

h) eats

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