• Asignatura: Inglés
  • Autor: maridany2rommel
  • hace 8 años

Oraciones afirmativas del verbo to be en tiempo presente

l54: I am very silly to do my own homeworksI am a fool because I dont have brainMy teacher is a silly because I lie about my homeworkMy teacher is angry because yesterday no one fucked her/himI am so happy I love to suck the dicks of my brothersMy mom is bitchMy dad is a worse workerI am sad because I can't thinkI am suckerMy teacher is fucked up


Respuesta dada por: giahn
I drink water.
You like to ride bikes.
He loves to eat pizza.
She eats quickly.
It scratches the post.
We sing together.
They travel in groups.

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