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Desearía saber 5 oraciones en presente y pasado en ingles


Respuesta dada por: gatitap18
1.The child does his homework
2. The teacher explains the subject
3. basketball team trained on the pitch
4. The girl dances ballet
5. The sun shines in the sky
1. She went to the movies yesterday
2. My dad did not work yesterday
3. We went on holiday last summer
4. They did not come to school on Monday
5. My brother was sick last week
Respuesta dada por: AmaFerAraFlo
1-Im playing videogames with my friend
2.Mi mother is doctor.
3. My sister is dancing ballet.
4. Im reading a new book
5. My teacher is speaking about animals.

1. I went to the supermarket.
2. I was dancing at night 
3. They were together
4. I was listening music
5. I bougth a new t shirt
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