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10 oraciones en verbos auxiliares en ingles


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Do you like Mexican food? 
Does your mother speak English? 
I do not want to see him again. 
Did you come to school yesterday? 
I was having a bath when you called. 
Why are you so shy? 
Have you done your homework? 
My father has never visited Spain. 
How long have you been living in Guatemala? 
I have not seen him for ages. 
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10 Oraciones con Verbos Auxiliares

Con Can:

  1. I can do it. / Yo lo puedo hacer.
  2. I can play piano. / Puedo tocar el piano.
  3. You can teach me. / Tú puedes enseñarme.
  4. You can sing. / Tú puedes cantar.
  5. They can run. / Ellos pueden correr.

Con Could:

  1. I could do it. / Yo lo podría hacer.
  2. I could play piano. / Podría tocar el piano.
  3. You could teach me. / Tú podrías enseñarme.
  4. You could sing. / Tú podías cantar.
  5. They could run. / Ellos podías correr.

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