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necesito oraciones con
said, can, and, for, big, small, away, down, look, see.please!

wambita: cuantas oraciones necesitas para esas palabras ? una para cada una o como ?


Respuesta dada por: alexact98
I said that i love you.
I can read you like a magazine.
My mom and my father are in love.
I need a dog for my sister.
Mom don't let me down.
I wanna see you tomorrow.
Respuesta dada por: RCervantes
the teacher said that we must give him a homework.

we can bring it to him.

and also we are going to copy all the homework.

Misdeberes is for make our lives easier.

a big elephant has just been washed with water.

the ant is a small insect.

when I talked to her she said to me "go away".

we can deep down to the earth's core.

I look theses sentences.

Alejandro and Marcia can see how the motor works.
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